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XPG ALPHA Series Gaming Mouse Lighting Setup

30 May, 2022 / by XPG Product Marketing

The lighting effects of the XPG ALPHA Series gaming mouse can be customized via XPG PRIME software. Here’s a brief introduction to how you can fully utilize the software to create your own gaming style!

7 preset effects are available for you to quickly change the effect with no hassle.

Once connected, XPG PRIME software will display your mouse and its currently active lighting effect. You can choose any of the 7 preset effects from the drop-down menu in the top left corner.

You can also fully customize your own lighting effects by clicking the mouse image instead. Color, brightness, and speed of the effects are available for customization.

Use the CANVAS mode for even more advanced customization options.

Click the “SYNC” icon to activate CANVAS mode. With the CANVAS mode, you can individually select the lighting zone’s individual colors and create your own combinations of lighting effects.

 Click the “CANVAS” tab at top to fully customize each individual lighting zone’s effects.

Each of the white boxes represents a customizable lighting zone. You can even choose to not to apply lighting effects to customizable lighting zones.

If you desire multiple varieties of lighting effects to run concurrently or in tandem, you can easily include more effects through adding additional layers by clicking the “+” icon. For example, you can choose Rainbow Wave as your first layer, add a second layer, and then apply the Static effect. This will allow you to run multiple lighting effects in different lighting zones at the same time.

Once complete, click the “Apply” button to save your profile settings.

The saved profile customization options is stored in your mouse, so if you decide to connect to another PC device, the mouse will retain the same saved lighting effect settings you created in XPG PRIME on the original comupter.

Visit the complete lighting effect setup tutorial video for more information about XPG PRIME lightning customization: https://youtu.be/TYRHg-r2b9M

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