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How to customize lighting effect in XPG PRIME?

17 May, 2022 / by XPG Product Marketing

  1. For advanced lighting effect customization, turn on CANVAS mode on the showroom screen or lighting menu.
  1. In CANVAS mode, a default effect layer will be automatically generated for you. Click the “+” icon to add more effect layers.
  1. You can also hide and re-show the effect layer using the eye icon, and rename, duplicate, or delete the layer by clicking the ellipsis icons.
  1. You can change the lighting zone by clicking the arrow icon, and the customizable zone will display in tiles.
  • White Tiles: Selected Zone
  • Gray Tiles: Unselected Zone
  1. Start customizing lighting effects and colors for the white tiles.
  1. Apply the settings and save the profile to complete the setting.