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How to remap buttons or keys on a PRIME support mouse and keyboard?

11 May, 2022 / by XPG Product Marketing

XPG PRIME lets you customize your keyboard and mouse buttons according to your gaming preferences. To remap your mouse button or keyboard key, follow the instructions below.

  1. Select the device you want to customize.
  1. On the setting menu page, click the “Key” section.
  1. Choose the key or button you want to modify.
  1. Select your preferred function through the drop-down menu. XPG PRIME offers a wide range of customization functions including keyboard function, mouse function, Macro, media, Windows shortcut, and text. You can also disable the key or button if necessary.
  1. Each function has a specific modifier for you to customize, such as binding software, short key, times of actions to be performed, and more.